Video conferencing for your entire company.

Highfive is beautifully simple video conferencing for everyone, in every room, on every device.

All-in-one device.

Video, audio, and screen sharing for conference rooms.


    Highfive gives you HD video, screen sharing, and high fidelity audio all in a sleek aluminum device. Connect a Highfive to your TV, power, and the internet and you’re ready to Highfive.

    Wireless projection.

    Bye, bye projector cables.

    Walk into a meeting room with your Bluetooth-enabled laptop and wirelessly share your presentation or call on the meeting room TV. No cables. No dongles. No hassles.

    Bring your own remote.

    Your smartphone is your new remote control.

    Since you BYOD to work, why not use it as your meeting room remote control? Highfive detects when you are near a TV. Move your video call from your personal device to the TV with a click or swipe.

    Crystal clear audio.

    Hear every word, not every sound.

    Highfive’s high fidelity microphone array zeroes in on active speakers while cancelling out background noises. That means your conversation comes through crystal clear while distracting background noises disappear.

    Plug and play setup.

    Get up and running in minutes.

    Attach the Highfive device to any TV, connect it to power and ethernet and you're good to go. Rolling out dozens or even hundreds of Highfive devices? Have a sophisticated network environment? No worries. Highfive lets you manage all your devices from one web-based admin console.

    Browser-based video.

    Great ideas deserve to be seen.

    Highfive is browser-based which means you can talk face-to-face or share your screen from your internet browser. Invite guests by sending them a URL. All they need to do is click and they’re in.

    Mobile apps.

    Stay connected from anywhere.

    Start or join calls on your iPhone with a single tap and stay connected from anywhere. In the office? Great. Transfer your video call from your phone to a meeting room TV with a swipe.

    Safe, secure, trusted.

    Built for business.

    With a domain-based security model, Highfive makes sure your conversations stay private and secure. Highfive’s admin page gives admins the ability to manage Highfive across their company networks.